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Save your teeth and your wallet.

A custom night guard provides your teeth with the best protection against grinding or clenching when you sleep.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with night teeth grinding, jaw clenching, or bruxism; or need to replace your current night plate, The Knight Guard is a sensible choice.

Made by our dental manufacturing company, with a reputation for making quality and affordable custom dental devices.

Custom Made Night Guards

A custom night guard provides your teeth with the best protection against grinding or clenching when you sleep.

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How to take your impression?

Taking your teeth impression at home is much easier than you think! It’s a simple process that will help The Knight Guard be fitted to your upper teeth, reducing any rubbing or discomfort, and providing maximum protection against teeth grinding while you sleep.

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Customer Testimonials

Real life testimonies from our customers

I've had the best sleep I've experienced in many years.

THANK YOU KNIGHT GUARD!!! I'm a severe grinder & purchased the 3mil guard - so unbelievable comfortable! I have woken after 7hrs of continuous sleep with no sore neck, tight jaw muscles or template headache. Absolute miracle! Great service, fast, professional & friendly, however the best part is I just saved myself around $2,500 that I was quoted recently from a dentist! Please thank norman & the technicians.


What a pleasure to deal with such a professional company.

The original product I asked for was found not to be suitable for me. A technician called to explain why and recommended a better (and cheaper) product that would be better suited. They dispatched my goods quickly and followed up with another call to make sure I was happy with what I had received. I could not be happier. The product fits and works perfectly. So nice to see a business put honesty and integrity before profits.


Awesome company to deal with!

Got my kit quickly, very easy to do the mould at home, and only a week or so later got my mouthguard back. I was completely used to sleeping with it in within 2 nights, it's very comfortable. I am yet to grind my teeth since, so happy days!


About 5% of Australian adults regularly grind their teeth during the night without even realising it. What’s worse, up to 33% of children in Australia unwillingly grind their teeth. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, as it’s known in the medical community, can lead to permanent teeth damage, dental surgery, and tooth replacement.

Many people find themselves either grinding or clenching their teeth, both during the and during the night. The habit comes and goes depending on life stressors. Bruxism, however, can permanently affect your teeth structure and functionality. That’s a problem you can’t ignore. The best way to prevent it is by using a night guard.

And there are no better teeth grinding guards in Australia than The Knight Guard. 

Symptoms and signs of teeth grinding

Since many people grind their teeth during the night, they don’t know that they have a problem until they start feeling chronic pain. That’s because they fail to recognise the early signs of teeth grinding. How can you know that you have a teeth-grinding problem without visiting the dentist office? While you can’t say for sure, some of the symptoms of teeth grinding include:

  • Frequent headaches, ear, and jaw pain
  • Aching teeth, especially in the morning
  • Stiffness of the temples after waking up
  • Stiffness of the jaw while chewing
  • Increased temperature sensitivity of the teeth
  • Raised tissue on the inside of the cheeks
  • Cracked enamel and loose teeth

If you’ve noticed any of the symptoms above, there’s a good chance you’re beginning to develop or that you’ve already developed bruxism. The best way to combat this problem is with a custom made night mouth guard. 

What is the Knight Guard?

The Knight Guard is the most reliable, inexpensive teeth grinding solution in Australia. Experienced dental technicians have developed the teeth grinding prevention mouth guard. Moreover, we’ve made it using nothing but high-quality materials.

How does The Knight Guard Work? It allows you to take your impression, using a DIY teeth impression kit. You then send your impression and wait for a couple of weeks for your night guard to be made, all from the comfort of your home. 

What can the Knight Guard do for you?

Most dental offices can sell you a mouth guard. However, even with private health insurance, a night mouth guard will cost you a lot of money. The Knight Guard, on the other hand, helps you save your smile and your money in the process. 

The impression kit has everything you need to do the job at home, without a technician’s help. Have your custom night guard made and delivered to your address without leaving your home at all. 

Save your teeth and your wallet today

The Knight Guard is the safest, most convenient, and by far the most affordable night mouth guard in Australia that will help you stop grinding your teeth. 

By using The Knight Guard services, you’ll have:

  • A mouth guard made in Australia by the top dental technicians
  • Your mouth guard delivered straight to your door
  • A handy 7-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not 100% satisfied