Dog Ate Your Night Guard? You Aren’t The Only One!

Dog Ate Your Night Guard? You Aren’t The Only One!

Yep, a dog eating your night guard sounds pretty bizarre doesn’t it?! We can’t tell you how many calls we get with distressed or annoyed customers saying their dog ate their night guard/orthodontic retainer and that they need a replacement. Whilst if you are like us, you can never stay mad at your dog... it is a real inconvenience, especially when a night guard from a dentist can cost you up to $1000.

So why do dogs go for our mouthguards at any chance they get? 

You may already be aware, dogs are attracted to saliva. They love the stuff! And we all know what else they love, chewing! This makes your night guard extremely vulnerable! Your dogs will sniff it out from a mile away and chew on anything that resembles this smell. After all, when it comes to finding something tasty to chew on, dogs are experts. 

Unfortunately for us, dogs have very strong mouth muscles and they are definitely a lot stronger than ours. This means that when a dog gets your guard, high chances are it will be able to do some significant damage to the guard. Your perfectly fitted custom fit guard will soon be wonky and no longer resemble the shape of your teeth. 

Photo courtesy of @marley_thedoxie.

Our Advice To You? 

First and foremost, make sure your guard is in a place unreachable from your pet canine! Whether it is a draw or cupboard or up somewhere nice and high, don’t leave it on your bedside table ready and waiting for your dog to sniff it out and pounce! Keep it in the container at all times.

As dogs love the smell of saliva one of your best bets is to keep your guard clean at all times! This is a win win as keeping your guard in good condition helps to prolong the life of your guard whilst making it less of a target for the dog to chew on! To help with keeping your guard clean we have a new item up for sale- the night guard cleaning pack! This comes with all the tools you need to keep your guard looking as good as new. Featuring the sonic cleaner, cal dent sachets and our latest product, the dental cleaning brush.  

We understand it’s easy to lose track of your night guard and making sure you’ve put it in a safe place when you wake up each morning or spit it out in the middle of the night is difficult. Accidents happen, particularly if you have a four legged friend roaming around your house! This is why we offer the Customer Care Plan with each sale. For $125 we will 3D scan your impression and keep it on file for a year, you will also be entitled to one free guard throughout the year (from the day you receive your night guard). This is our way of trying to keep you protected from the costs associated with accidents such as this. It also works well if you’ve chewed away at your old guard and are in need of a new one, whether it be the same as your last or a thicker guard. You can claim your guard whenever you like - even shortly after receiving your first one so you can keep it as a back up  so you never have to go a night without the protection of your night guard.

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