How Can I Protect My Teeth From Daytime Grinding?

How Can I Protect My Teeth From Daytime Grinding?

The Knight Guard is aware that not all grinding or clenching occurs during the night, a large portion of the population actually suffer from daytime bruxism/grinding or clenching during the day. This can be problematic for many as people are typically happy to wear a night guard during the night when no one can see and you don’t have to speak or interact with anybody.

This is the challenge daytime grinders face as no one wants to be at work interacting with clients or colleagues with a clunky night guard in your teeth. But, do you really want to be wearing your teeth down day by day either? We certainly don’t think you should be!

All of our guards as you may be aware, offer a thin and compact design, a feature that is very popular with our customers because it not only makes for a more comfortable, non-obtrusive guard but it also means that all of our guards are relatively hard to notice in your mouth and have a very minimal impact on speech and breath.

However, a huge customer favourite for day time grinding tends to be our custom invisible retainer. As this is our thinnest guard and reaches all the way to the top of the teeth it makes a great companion for the day time grinder. The thin device will pose minimal or no effect on your speech and breathing during the day whilst the durable thermoplastic is fantastic for protecting your teeth during the day and going undetected by even the most observant of eyes.

If you know you are a heavy daytime grinder we often recommend the 1.5mm hard guard. Still incredibly thin, this guard offers a little more thickness and protection for your teeth against grinding whilst still being thin and difficult to notice. The only difference is that the 1.5mm guard reaches halfway up the teeth instead of covering the whole of your teeth.

Luckily for daytime grinders and clenchers, in most cases, they grind less aggressively than those who grind during sleep. The reason for this? Because typically grinding is heavier when you are doing it involuntarily. During the day, it’s unlikely you will be grinding as heavy as somebody who is unaware that they are grinding. Therefore, you can get away with wearing a thinner mouthpiece to what you may require at night. This is why many customers find that the invisible retainer is the perfect resolution for your daytime grinding predicament.

If you are unsure about what guard is best suited for your grinding needs you can have a read of our blog What Night Guard Is Best For Me? Or call one of our consultants to have a chat on 08 8470 0235.

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