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How To Make Sure You Never Go A Night Without Your Teeth Being Protected

Maybe you are someone that needs your night guard every night to get to sleep. Or maybe you are somebody who put your guard in at times when you notice your jaw feeling saw and teeth hurting or who only sees it necessary to wear your guard when feeling stressed. When you need your guard there is nothing worse than realising it’s lost or broken.

Whilst traditionally having a backup night guard at your disposal might have been unrealistic. A guard from your dentist is definitely not the most affordable piece of plastic, with our affordable prices this is a lot more achievable.

We often get asked questions about our Customer Care Plan around when it is redeemable and if people can redeem their second guard straight away. After chatting with these customers we noticed they were really onto something clever. By purchasing the CCP and redeeming your night guard early, you ensure you have a backup for any occasion. Even if you are someone who is simply just forgetful like me and can easily misplace their belongings. Having a backup guard is a great way to ensure you never have to go a night without our grinding guard, or perhaps, more importantly, a morning without sore teeth and headaches.  

As we often mention, damage to the teeth from grinding is irreversible. We need to protect our enamel as best as we can to avoid issues such as teeth sensitivity or discolouring.

As you can see having an emergency guard on standby is a perfect solution for many problems. If you like being organised and minimising risk our CCP is for you! 

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