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My Night Guard is Turning Yellow?!

A common question we get asked is, “my night guard has turned yellow. Is this normal?”. Our answer...unfortunately yes, it’s inevitable that over time your night guard will become discoloured due to the saliva and bacteria in the mouth. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do on our end to prevent this.

As the plastic is exposed to saliva and all of the bacterias that are in our saliva, the colour of the guard will start to change. The colour will change more rapidly if the guard is not properly cleaned or dried after each use. Unfortunately, there is nothing that us, as manufacturers can do about your guards becoming discoloured.

However, there are some tips and tricks we can give you to keep your guard clear and fresh for as long as possible. For some, this routine may not work as it does take time and if you are in as much of a rush as me in the morning, you might find the discoloured night guard not so bad!

It’s important that each morning you give your guard a relatively thorough clean. This includes a rinse in cold to warm water (not too hot or the mouthguard could lose its shape!) and use a toothbrush to really clean in each of the grooves. Once this is done the important final step is next…

Dry your mouthguard entirely. Using a bath or paper towel, dry the guard until all of the drips of water on it are gone. This will prevent bacteria from being able to grow on the guard. Once you are done, keep it somewhere that it can breathe and keep dry (just make sure it’s out of reach from your dog, their favourite chew toys are night guards!).

Following this, you should give your guard a thorough clean weekly. This is something we recommend to everyone, not just those who are fighting against discolouration. Anything you put in your mouth for hours on end can become a breeding ground for bacteria if they aren’t cleaned well enough! This will prolong the life of your guard and keep it smelling and tasting fresh, which is best for everyone.

How do you clean your guard? Check out our blog ‘How to keep my night guard clean?'.

Good luck!

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