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Night Guard: Do's and Don'ts

No one wants to replace their guard over and over again, even with our affordable prices and no dentist visits it’s still nice to save money and time by preserving the one you have as best as you can!

We’ve written several blogs on how to care for your guard but thought what better way to summarise this than in a simple do’s and don’t’s list. This blog is quick and easy to read and will provide you with all the knowledge you need to best look after your guard and hopefully extend it’s life as best you can!



  • Rinse thoroughly after each use
  • Gently brush with a toothbrush after each use
  • Pat dry until completely dry
  • Keep it in a safe, germ-free place where it can continue to dry
  • Soak in non-alcoholic mouthwash to fresh up taste
  • Use denture cleaners to thoroughly clean your guard weekly
  • Leave guard where your dog can easily grab it
  • Clean your guard with alcohol, harsh chemicals or abrasive materials
  • Use hot/boiling water when cleaning your guard
  • Trim your mouthguard
  • Keep your guard in direct sunlight
  • Drink anything besides water at night
  • Smoke with your guard in or put your guard in after a cigarette without brushing teeth.


There you have it, your one-stop guide to keeping your night guard in pristine condition! 

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