Overcome Your Work Time Drowsiness!

Overcome Your Work Time Drowsiness!

Feeling tired at work? Struggling to make it through that last bit of the day. Below we have a few options for you to try to help get you through the day that follows from a restless night of sleep and mornings waking with a sore jaw and headaches.

  1. Take a break from your desk and staring at the screen. I think this is a good thing to try and do every hour or so if you can. You’d be surprised what a small trip to the bathroom or a quick interaction with a co-worker can do to your energy levels!
  2. Snack on something nutritious – fruit or veg! When we’re tired at work often, we can reach for comfort foods like chocolate or whatever is in the breakroom. Whilst everyone should treat there self every now and then if you are looking for something that will actually help you with your
  3. Make a cuppa! Cup of tea/coffee caffeine or not sometimes a nice hot drink can help break up the day and re-focus you! 
  4. Switch up your activity. Coming to a dead end with what you're working on? Is it starting to feel repetitive? Why not take a deep breath and switch to another task perhaps try to do an easier one for a little while. This will make you feel like you're accomplishing more and re-motivate you to grind it out!
  5. Breathing exercises. These are great for meditation but also good to help you overcome drowsiness. A few breathing exercises can help you feel refreshed. 
  6. Get some fresh air. There is nothing like a breath of fresh air! Have a little walk around, go outside take a breath and resume! 

There are our top tips to get you through the day!

If you are tired because you aren't getting enough quality sleep or more serious sleep disorders we recommend you visit a doctor, dentist or sleep specialist. 


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