Teeth Clenching

Teeth Clenching

Whilst clenching and grinding are often grouped together, as they are both typically interrelated and caused by the same issues whether it is stress, anxiety or involuntary. However, they are both two different actions.

Grinding is likely to worse for your teeth as the backwards and forwards motion will wear your teeth down causing all kinds of issues with sensitivity.

But the issue typically starts with clenching. Clenching is the action that will cause you more pain when you wake in the morning. Why? The constantly tense position of your jaw combined with the pressure you are placing on your teeth will leave you with all sorts of issues.

Clenching often leads to tenderness, tightness and pain in the jaw. This is made particularly obvious when you wake up in the morning or when you chew. Clenching puts a lot of strain on the muscles and will cause them to be tired and sore.

Although most of the time clenching occurs simultaneously with grinding, it can also occur on its own. Both are typical symptoms of bruxism and occur during stress and other issues. Clenching is actually more common than grinding as a majority of bruxers clench whereas less tend to grind.

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