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The Bad Habit 10% of the Population Are Doing!

Did you know that it is estimated that up to 10% of the population are likely to be regular grinders and clenchers? The reasons? It varies among each individual. However, most commonly…stress! Some people will just grind and clench in times of increased stress and others will, unfortunately, develop the habit of grinding and clenching on a regular basis. This is referred to as bruxism and if you aren’t already aware can have some serious consequences.


The scary thing is, whilst the estimated is that 10% of the population grind, many people do grind whether its irregularly or on a regular basis and fail to realise. The other scary fact is that 5% of Australians are believed to be night-time grinders who grind regularly and forcefully.


The issue starts with damaging the teeth (let's not forget that damage done to the teeth is more often than not irreparable). But grinding and clenching will leave you with more than just damaged teeth. Aching jaws, headaches, sore teeth, tiredness, pain when chewing…the list goes on!


Grinding, clenching and bruxism certainly isn’t the most talked about subject especially when you consider the prevalence of this bad habit. Many Aussies seem to fail to understand the effects these habits can have on their well-being.


The best option? Invest in a grinding mouthguard. This will help to protect your teeth from the physical effects of grinding. It will also help to reduce the cringe-worthy noises that your partner is likely to tell you about in the morning! Mouthguards will in turn work to prevent those other painful symptoms such as headaches and sore jaws.

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