Need A Retainer?

Need A Retainer?

It’s a little-known fact that The Knight Guard also sells an invisible retainer. This product is perfect for if you have lost, misplaced or ruined your old retainer. There no longer the inconvenience of having to book in an appointment with your orthodontist or dentist. Our retainer is also great for daytime grinders looking to protect their teeth.

So why do you need to wear a retainer? Wearing a retainer is crucial when ensuring your teeth stay in the right spot after braces or Invisalign. If you have used a retainer in the past then it’s likely you were given a specific retaining plan from your orthodontist advising you when and how long to use your retainer for.

How frequently and how long you should be wearing your retainer really depends on how drastically your teeth were moved during your treatment. It’s likely you will have to use a retainer for longer if you had gaps in your teeth as the time it takes for the bone and surrounding tissue to readjust takes some time and is vulnerable to moving back to your mouth’s old position.

Typically, it’s suggested that a retainer is worn for as long as you had your braces for. Of course, extra precaution can be taken by wearing one during the night for some time after the recommended amount of time. We also regularly talk to people who are worried their teeth may be moving back to their old positions. Our invisible retainer can be a great piece of mind for those who are worried about their teeth becoming misaligned again.

A frequent question asked by customers is ‘do your night guards double as a retainer?’. Our night guards are designed to reach halfway up the teeth for increased comfort during the night. This makes our night guards less effective for retaining the integrity of your teeth so if you have a guard that does not extend all the way up to the top of your teeth you should be cautious and consider investing in one that does.

However, whilst our guards are designed to only reach halfway up the teeth if you require the protection of a grinding guard and the benefits of an invisible retainer we can alter the way we make the guard ensuring it reaches the tops of your teeth to keep them secure. What changes in the process if this is what you need? Make sure you leave a note when placing your order that you want the guard to be used as a retainer and therefore require alterations to be made to the guard accordingly. But you will have different requirements with your impression process. What will you need to make sure is captured in your impression? It is essential that the impression extends to the back molars and represents a full imprint of each tooth.

Still unsure what guard is best suited for you, take a read of our blog 'What guard is best for me?'. Alternatively, our customer service team is always here to chat. Email or call (03) 9090 7993. 

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  • Kerry Davies

    I suffer from anxiety and clench and grind..Daytime mainly clenching…Nightime clench and grind..What do you suggest for me?

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