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The Surprising Benefits Of Sleep

Sleep. You hear people going on about how important sleep is, from when you were a child and you were forced to go to bed. To be an adult and news segments, commercials, newspaper ads, everyone seems to be talking about it. But why?

In a time where there is so much hype around health foods and products, is it possible that sleep could trump all? We are listing and discussing a few surprising benefits of sleep and the risks your body runs when it is getting insufficient sleep.

Reducing stress.

Grinding, clenching, lack of sleep and stress. These things tend to go hand in hand. It’s also easy to get stuck in a vicious cycle. Not getting enough sleep which leads to stress which in turn leads to grinding and clenching. The result? Not getting quality sleep and continuing to remain stressed and suffering from the effects of grinding. Have you ever considered taking some steps to ensure you are prioritising sleep and getting the best quality sleep possible kill two birds in one stone, stress and grinding. How? Lack of sleep and high blood pressure lead to your body producing stress hormones. Getting sufficient sleep and lowering blood pressure will, therefore, help to prevent stress hormones being produced by your body.

A healthy heart.

Getting enough sleep is found to help keep your blood pressure and cholesterol low. Problems might begin to occur within your body if you become sleep deprived.


Whilst the reason why is still unclear, sleep plays a crucial roll in ensuring your body is able to consolidate memories.


Due to the imbalance in hormones that occurs through lack of sleep, this can often cause for people who are sleep deprived to gain weight or have issues with losing weight.

Reduces Inflammation

The increase in stress hormones that occurs through a lack of sleep can also cause the body to become inflamed. This creates problems around heart-related issues. Inflammation, as you age, is thought to deteriorate your body at a faster rate.

Helps The Body To Repair

Your cells produce more protein whilst you are sleeping. Therefore, your body is able to repair itself and rejuvenate more so than when you are awake.

So, after reading these health benefits does it make you rethink your sleeping patterns? We know it makes us want to prioritise sleep.

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