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What Can I Do To Manage My Teeth Grinding?

Grinding, clenching and bruxism can become very painful and annoying. Whilst we provide customers with our range of night guards to help protect your teeth which can help to stop your grinding but unfortunately there is no guarantee. So what are your options to try and help you stop grinding?

Stress and/or anxiety management:

It’s no secret that bruxism and/or grinding typically gets worse or for some only occurs during times of stress or increased anxiety. Therefore developing some techniques to manage your stress and anxiety could help reduce your grinding. Whether it be meditation or yoga, exercise, spending more time with friends and family or breathing techniques. There is a tonne of options to help de-stress you a quick google search will provide you with a long list of methods you can try until you find the best one for you! However, if you think you would benefit from speaking to someone we always encourage our customers to seek help.

Jaw Positioning Exercises:

Sometimes a dentist may show you your proper mouth and jaw position and ask you to do a range of exercises to break your old habits. For some, this will help to stop the grinding.


The effectiveness of medications is still unknown however some people have found them to help. It is possible that your dentist or doctor will recommend the following options:

  • Muscle relaxant
  • Botox
  • Stress or anxiety medication: If stress or anxiety is the cause of your grinding they may recommend you take some anti-anxiety or antidepressants to help with managing your stress. If this is the cause of your grinding it’s likely grinding will stop as your mood is improved.

If possible that your grinding is due to a medication, sleep-related disorder or medical condition your doctor will work to do what they can to help with the core issue and hope it will, in turn, cure your grinding.

Whilst it is great to try all reasonable and possible options to help stop your grinding, it is important to keep your teeth protected whilst you are grinding. Damage to your teeth from grinding is often irreparable. We have a night guard for everyone and for an affordable price too! Take a look at our range here.

Unsure about what guard is best suited for your grinding needs? Read our blog ‘What Night Guard Is Best For Me?’.

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