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What Night Guard Is Best For Me?

We understand choosing the right guard for your grinding needs can be overwhelming. Which is why we have have designed this blog to help our customers choose the right guard.

As many of us all know, the signs and symptoms of teeth grinding (also commonly referred to as bruxism) include the following; loud teeth grinding or clenching (being recognised by your bed partner); teeth that are flattened, fractured, chipped or loose; worn tooth enamel, exposing deeper layers of your tooth; increased tooth pain or sensitivity; tired or tight jaw muscles, or a locked jaw that won’t open or close completely; jaw, neck or face pain or soreness; pain that feels like an earache, though it’s actually not a problem with your ear; dull headache starting in the temples; damage from chewing on the inside of your cheek; sleep disruption.

Chances are the number of these symptoms you experience and the prevalence of them will determine the severity of your grinding habits.

A bit about our guards..

All of our guards are thin, comfortable, custom-fitted dental night guards that will be a perfect fit for your individual mouth and teeth. They will not cause irritation to your gums or roof of your mouth and are designed to be so comfortable that you will actually be happy to wear it each night. The crystal-clear, hard/soft (depending on the guard you buy) thermoplastic material is moulded perfectly to your teeth for maximum comfort, effectiveness and a barely-visible appearance. Our guards are a great solution for people who need protection for their teeth but don’t want to be burdened with a bulky, uncomfortable or expensive night guard. Going to the dentist to get custom fitted dental appliances is now a thing of the past.

Our guards are designed to assist with grinding, clenching and in many cases have been found to help those suffering from bruxism.  

Now, let's get to what guard is best for your grinding needs…


If you are an infrequent to moderate grinder and less of a clencher, the 4mm soft guard could be the best option for you. How to know if you are considered an infrequent or moderate grinder? Perhaps you only occasionally notice the symptoms of grinding or have been told so by your dentist. This guard is made with a soft plastic therefore it is nice, light and comfortable. Your mouth will adjust quickly to sleeping with your soft night guard. This is not ideal for heavier grinders as the heavy grinding is more likely to wear the guard down.


If you find yourself grinding and clenching during the day, we recommend the invisible retainer . This is great for daytime grinders as it is thin and the guard is designed to cover all of your teeth, making it difficult to see. This is our thinnest guard and therefore when worn during the day is difficult to notice. This makes it the perfect option for daytime grinders! However, if you are a heavy grinder and/or experience daytime grinding you may require the 1.5mm as it offers higher protection and durability whilst still being relatively invisible.


If you consider yourself a light grinder or clencher then we would also typically recommend using the 1.5mm hard guard. You are likely to be a light grinder if you occasionally will notice the above effects. This guard is our thinnest and features one hard layer.  The 1.5mm thin design makes it very comfortable and barely noticable.


the 2mm Soft/Hard 2mm soft/hard guard night guard is soft on the inner layer and has a more rigid outer layer to ensure excellent protection, especially if you're a moderate to heavy grinder or clencher. How to know if you are a moderate to heavy grinder? If you are experiencing the above effects of grinding or clenching on an occasional basis you probably could use the help of the 2mm soft/hard guard. With the extra thickness and soft inner layer, this guard is still a thin design but slightly thicker than the 1.5mm whilst remaining highly comfortable given the inner layer and thin nature of the guard.


You’re a heavy grinder if you are regularly waking up and experiencing the symptoms listed above, are heard regularly in the night grinding from your bed partner or you know you are a heavy grinder or clencher, this is the ultimate guard for you! The 3mm soft/hard guard offers a soft inner layer for added comfort, whilst the hard layer works to protect your teeth from the effects of grinding. As well as the thickness of the guard, the 3mm has added durability given it factors in your bite. This is important as typically every bite has high points where the teeth meet. Taking both the top and bottom impression enables our dental technicians to recreate the bite allowing the guard to be made accounting for these points. If an individual is a heavy grinder or clencher and the guard isn’t tailored to the high and low points of the mouth the guard is more at risk of cracking or snapping. Whilst it is always best for the guard to crack instead of your teeth, we want to ensure you get a guard to suit your grinding needs to promote the longevity of your guard.


As well as guards, we offer a retainer as mentioned above. This works perfectly for those seeking a guard to keep their teeth in place. Perfect for both daytime and nighttime use.

If you are still unsure after reading this blog, please don’t hesitate to message us at or on facebook: or call 08 8470 0235 to have a chat with one of our consultants.

Why we don’t recommend to people under the age of 16:

At the ages of 16 or below mouths are still developing and growing. By wearing a night guard in your mouth each night it’s very possible that the growth of the mouth will be affected and as we offer an online service, we are unable to monitor such effects.

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