Why You Need To Protect Your Teeth

Why You Need To Protect Your Teeth

Protecting your teeth is probably one of the most crucial parts of your body to protect. Why?

Unlike most of the body parts that have the ability to repair and regenerate, damage to teeth is typically more permanent than our other body parts. Especially the damage that is done from grinding and clenching. This is because grinding and clenching the teeth wears down our tooth’s enamel. If you didn’t know, tooth enamel is the hard outer exterior of our teeth. It provides a hard protective layer around our teeth. It’s actually the hardest substance in the human body.

How is our enamel so strong? Enamel is composed of lots of minerals, mainly calcium and phosphate which is similar to our bones. However, enamel differs from the proteins that form the enamel as they are able to stretch much further than that of bones making our enamel far more resilient in comparison to bones.

Despite it being the hardest substance the human body is made of, it still has the ability to erode. Typically when dentists talk about abrasion or erosion they are talking about the damage that is being done to the enamel. Enamel can be lost due to a range of factors including; high acidic and sugary diets, dry mouth or unhealthy saliva, medications, genetics or environmental factors. Environmental factors include things such as abrasion, wear and tear on the teeth.

Our enamel works in many ways. The enamel around our teeth helps us to chew. It also helps to insulate our teeth which makes chewing and experience hot and cold foods more pleasant. As the enamel works to protect the nerves in our teeth. Typically, people who experience a heightened sensitivity to hot and cold foods will have less enamel.  

So why is it so important to protect our teeth? Enamel whilst strong is not invincible and once it is gone, it’s gone for good. Enamel plays a big role in creating a comfortable environment for our mouths to eat and drink. You only have one layer of enamel and it’s important to look after it the best you can.

Hence, if you are someone who suffers from grinding and clenching you really should invest in a night guard to protect those teeth. Even if you are an irregular grinder, why take the risk of eroding your enamel? One of the key signs someone is suffering from bruxism is the increased sensitivity they will experience when consuming hot and cold foods. This occurs when one has ground away their teeth leaving them exposed and vulnerable to the substances in your mouth. This will also increase the risk for more cavities and dental related issues as there is a reduced protective layer for your teeth.

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