A custom made night guard is the best option to help with night-time teeth grinding. As everyone’s dental needs differ, we offer a selection of custom made guards to help with different severities of grinding. Check out our range, from our 1.5mm Hard plate, to our 3mm Soft/Hard (Acrylic Bite Platform) night guard. The 2mm Soft/Hard is our best seller and is aimed at people with moderate grinding.

For more information on how our process works and how we're different, check out our step-by-step and impression video. Oh, and if you can't afford to pay full price right now, Afterpay and zipPay are available.

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Customer Testimonials

Real life testimonies from our customers

I've had the best sleep I've experienced in many years.

THANK YOU KNIGHT GUARD!!! I'm a severe grinder & purchased the 3mil guard - so unbelievable comfortable! I have woken after 7hrs of continuous sleep with no sore neck, tight jaw muscles or template headache. Absolute miracle! Great service, fast, professional & friendly, however the best part is I just saved myself around $2,500 that I was quoted recently from a dentist! Please thank norman & the technicians.


What a pleasure to deal with such a professional company.

The original product I asked for was found not to be suitable for me. A technician called to explain why and recommended a better (and cheaper) product that would be better suited. They dispatched my goods quickly and followed up with another call to make sure I was happy with what I had received. I could not be happier. The product fits and works perfectly. So nice to see a business put honesty and integrity before profits.


Awesome company to deal with!

Got my kit quickly, very easy to do the mould at home, and only a week or so later got my mouthguard back. I was completely used to sleeping with it in within 2 nights, it's very comfortable. I am yet to grind my teeth since, so happy days!