One of the most common reasons people buy The Knight Guard is they have had a night plate before but have worn through or lost it.

This is why we have come up with the Customer Care Plan. So it is convenient and affordable to source a replacement, should you lose or grind through The Knight Guard. Think of it as insuring your night guard!

This is how it works.

1. Buy the Customer Care Plan for just $125 regardless of The Knight Guard you have already purchased, whether it was the 4mm Soft or 3mm Soft/Hard (Acrylic Bite Platform). The Customer Care Plan is valid for a 12 month period.

2. We keep your impression(s) from your initial purchase on file. If you need a replacement you simply call or email us and we can make up your replacement quickly. So, no need to do your impression again.

3. You'll receive your replacement within 5-9 business days.

A few things to keep in mind:

> The Customer Care Plan is for people that already have The Knight Guard. If you're looking to replace a night guard you have received from a dentist or bought elsewhere, you will need to start fresh by buying a The Knight Guard product.

> We will keep your impression(s) on file for 12 months. If you need a replacement after that, you may need to do your impression(s) again.

> When ordering your Customer Care Plan you must use the same email address you used when you placed your initial order, and you must specify the person whose night guard the Customer Care Plan is for, in the field above the Add To Cart on this page. (This is especially important if you have ordered several products under the same order in the past.)

> The Customer Care Plan is valid for a 12 month period. At the end of this period the plan expires, your impression(s) will be disposed of, and you will need to buy a brand new The Knight Guard should you need a replacement.

> In redeeming your replacement night guard, you can choose a different product to the one you ordered initially. However, there is a limitation to this. If you ordered the 1.5mm, 2mm, 4mm, you cannot move up to the 3mm as it requires both a lower and upper jaw impression and we will only have your upper on file. However, if you ordered the 3mm initially, you may move down to one of the other products. 

Customer Care Plan

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