3mm, Soft/Hard (Acrylic Bite Platform) - Custom Anti Teeth Grinding Night Guard

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The Sonic Denture Cleaning Machine is a revolutionary new machine that uses vibration to remove stains, tartar, odours and food in just 15 minutes. No need for overnight soakings; no need to brush away stains. Leaves your Knight Guard sparkling clean - effortlessly. Use with Cal-Dent cleansing tablets.

For The Heavier Grinder

The 3mm, Soft/Hard (Acrylic Bite Platform*) night guard provides the benefits of both soft and hard layers and comes with a hard flat underside which provides extra thickness for durability. To achieve this, you take both an upper and lower jaw impression (double impression kit) so we can create a snug fit on the underside of the plate.

This night guard is ideal for heavy grinders or grinders who want the most durable appliance. 

Custom made by a qualified Dental Technician in our state-of-the-art lab in Australia, you don't even need to leave the comfort of your home to take an impression of your jaw with our convenient Home Impression Kit. To learn a bit more about our impression process, check out the steps here, and our 'how to take an impression' video.

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  • At-home impression kit (lower and upper jaw)
  • Custom-fit night plate
  • Storage case
  • Fast delivery, including package and handling
  • 12 month (1 year) warranty
  • 7 day money back guarantee 

Acrylic build up only used in some situations, depending on your occlusal plane (bite). 

Please note - You will only receive one guard. The dual impression trays are to be used as 1 for the upper and 1 for the lower jaw impression so that we can create an imprint on the underside of the 1 guard, this allows the acrylic bite platform to rest comfortably against your lower jaw when your teeth are closed. This is still for one upper or lower guard. 

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